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Winners announced for official Olivia Lane “Boys” choreography competition at Ft. Wayne Dance For All

(Nashville, Tenn. – March 16, 2015) – Heather Joffer, Tracy Durcholz and Kim Huizinga were awarded first place in the official Olivia Lane sponsored choreography competition at the annual Ft. Wayne Dance For All line dance event held in Ft. Wayne Indiana.

With eight entries into the Marco Club Connection Olivia Lane division, each participant offered a different variation of a personally choreographed dance to country artist Olivia Lane’s track “Boys.” With participants from all across the US, the Ft Wayne Dance For All choreography competition continues to be the largest line dance choreography competition in the country.

Following the “Boys” choreography competition, Olivia Lane treated dancers to a special performance. Singing her single, “Steal Me Away,” dancers were given the chance to dance along with Jamie Marshall and Olivia Lane’s line dance. Lane also surprised dancers with her rendition of “Suds in the Bucket,” allowing dancers the chance to get back on their feet with a beloved classic.

The 2016 Ft. Wayne Dance For All line dance event is scheduled for March 3 – 6th with the theme of Footloose.

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