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SaraBeth “Kickin’ And Screamin'” Remix

They say everything’s bigger in Texas—the football, the steaks, the hair—but the biggest thing coming out of the Lone Star State right now is SaraBeth (who is actually quite tiny herself. And boy, does she have some good Texas hair.)

Born and raised in Dallas, SaraBeth is a contemporary country singer and budding songwriter who is seamlessly making her mark in Nashville as an all-American, sweetly southern artist with an edge. Smart, beautiful and tremendously talented, the girl is a triple threat—she’s the breath of fresh air the music industry needs.

Working with all-star producer Dean Sams, member of the superstar group Lonestar and producer/label head of Circle S Records, SaraBeth is gearing up to release her first EP, “Kickin’ & Screamin’,” a five song compilation of original country tracks with a kick. “I view myself as an independent, glass half full kind of girl,” says SaraBeth, “so my album is encouraging and reflects those aspects of my personality.”

When Sams first met SaraBeth, he knew he had just met a future star. He recognized her talent immediately and knew her robust potential. “The first thing that interested me in working with SaraBeth was her incredible work ethic,” Sams says. “In a time when so many people want to sit around and wait for success to come to them, SaraBeth is a rarity with her focus, drive and willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful. As a singer, SaraBeth is understated and heartfelt. In my opinion, she’s a nice change of pace for the country music listeners.”

But SaraBeth doesn’t want to take all the credit for her passion for music. She maintains that her family plays an essential role in her story, citing them as the source for a lot of her motivation.

“My younger brother was drafted to play pro baseball for the Cardinals, my dad recently wrote a book on motivation and inspires people all over the world, and my mom is the glue that holds us all together. With all these incredibly successful and driven role models in my life, I thought, how can I NOT go after this dream?”

Being born and raised in the Texas music scene, SaraBeth knows country music. Her pride for her home state, coupled with her love for genuine, authentic lyrics, has influenced her style and kept her true to her roots. And that hasn’t gone unnoticed: she’s already garnered an enormous and loyal fan base in and around Texas. “I’ve been singing around Texas since I was in high school. Some of my favorite memories are singing at the Garland and Wylie Opry,” Sarabeth remembers. “It’s crazy how after I recorded my own original songs and posted a few on SoundCloud, people began sharing my site. Nothing is more exciting than receiving a message saying that someone was moved by my song.”

After crossing over into Nashville territory, SaraBeth began collaborating with some of the best, most respected songwriters in Music City, sparking her love for songwriting. One of her very own original songs ended up making the cut for the upcoming EP, and she hopes to continue writing more in the future. “Each song I’ve recorded was selected based on the lyrics and message,” says Sarabeth. “I want those who listen to my songs to walk away uplifted and encouraged. Life is too short to be negative!”

If you’ve ever heard the term “self made man,” they were talking about SaraBeth. (Except she’s a woman. A very beautiful woman, to be exact.) Starting with only a vision, Sarabeth dove in headfirst to begin turning that vision into a very vivid reality. She took it upon herself to assemble the team, the image, the music—everything. In other words, she believed in herself enough to successfully put the pieces of this dream together.

SaraBeth will be hitting the road, focusing on markets all over the southeast, so check out for upcoming shows. She’s also pairing with Lonestar for a can’t-miss special performance in Peachtree City, GA, on November 10th.

Look for “Kickin’ and Screamin’,” the first single off the EP of the same name, out now, with the debut full-length album dropping in the spring of 2013.