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Olivia Lane

Born with a nomad spirit to a vivacious mom who sang country music and loved Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Lane came into this world eager and ready to leap onto the stage. The Houston native began singing and dancing at age 6, and from that point on, she was hooked. Singing in school choirs as she grew up, Olivia watched her mom, (a regional country artist,) perform, and knew that one day she wanted to follow that same path. She began taking guitar lessons at 14, and by her senior year she delved into songwriting with serious fervor, eager to emulate one of her main influences, The Eagles. “By my senior year I had really gotten into songwriting,” explains Olivia, “and part of that was being exposed to the music of the Eagles. And then in college, at USC, I decided to study songwriting and theater. I just needed to go and see a different side of life, and I wanted to surround myself with talent, so I enrolled in the music program there. And in California I met the man who I blame for all of my musical influences,” continues Olivia, laughing. “And I could not be in more debt to this man! Tony Ryan is his name, and he is a teacher of mine who had spent time in Nashville pursuing a country career when he was younger. Through him I discovered all sorts of great music – the Eagles, the Rolling Stones, Eddie Rabbitt, Johnny Cash – even a bunch of old blues stuff, which is where my heart is too. I love it all!”

During college Olivia also found plenty of fuel for her songs as well. The ups and downs, growing pains and challenges inspired her songwriting, and the relationships and heartbreak that accompany those transitional years provided her with plenty of good material for her tunes. By the time graduation rolled around, she knew what she had to do.“I had spent two summers interning in Nashville just to see what it was like,” says Olivia, “and I really learned a lot. So when I graduated this May, I packed up my car and drove straight cross-country to Nashville. I figured why not? I’m 21, young, and crazy, and it’s time to live life! So here I am!”

The vibrant, bubbly young blonde with the effervescent personality and free-spirit had little trouble making friends and jumping into the Nashville music scene, and soon she was writing songs with writers around town and honing her own unique sound. She signed with industry veteran Dennis Kurtz from Show-Gun Entertainment earlier this year, and is currently working on her debut EP, due out early next year. She’s even written a song or two for the project with her mom, who gives her some pointers from time to time from her own perspective. Inspired by artists like Patty Loveless and Sara Evans, to a vast landscape of other genres like the Eagles and the Katy Perry, Olivia’s songs, like her high energy tune “Steal Me Away,” are introspective little slices of her life and her big, open heart. They’re often fueled by her tremendous sense of fun and spontaneity, and are perfect examples of why she’s such a welcome fresh face and voice on country’s new landscape.