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Mustang Sally Breaks Denim & Diamonds Record


NASHVILLE––Mustang Sally’s debut single, “C’mon DJ” has broken a house record at Denim & Diamonds in Temple, Texas by winning the club’s “Country Throw-Down” an unprecedented eleven times! The previous record holder was Darius Rucker and his song “History in the Making,” which won seven times. Country Throw Down pits single against single with club patrons voting for the winner each Friday and Saturday night, and is part of KDAD, the club’s weekend Internet radio broadcast on iTunes.

Of the song, Corey Rushing, the DJ at the club, said, “In the past two months ‘C’mon DJ’ has become an anthem for the ‘white girls’ in our club, if they aren’t dancing to it, they’re singing at their tables.”

The tongue-in-cheek song implores DJs to “play something so this white girl can dance.” The Temple location of Denim & Diamonds celebrated it’s tenth anniversary a few weeks ago.

“We are so excited about this,” said Tobi Lee, Mustang Sally’s lead singer and the sole writer on the song. “I feel like it’s my birthday, only better. We’re hoping to get down to the club very soon and we can’t wait to smack some bootie while we’re there.”

The “C’mon DJ” video is also getting a lot of plays on YouTube at:,
and now through December 20 fans can enjoy a free download of the single courtesy of Country Weekly (

“C’mon DJ” is currently drawing a strong response from the industry. Recent quotes include:

“We enjoyed the hell out of the girls. What great gals—to go along with amazing vocals, outstanding lyrics and one of the tightest bands on the planet.” Larry Holden, Editor in Chief, Country Weekly

“Mustang Sally is awesome! They played at Coyotes and I am telling you these women are truly one hell of a group! And that ‘C’mon DJ’ song was great!” DJ Jeff Allen, Coyotes, Augusta, Georgia

“We broadcast in Iraq to and for the troops. We featured the Mustang Sally song “Come on DJ” and we loved it!  When my DJ played that song, I was hooked. Congratulations from us here at AFN Iraq Freedom Radio. Keep up the great work.” David M. Baez, Freedom Radio NCOIC

In addition to Tobi Campbell, other band members include: Lisa Romeo, drums and vocals; Brenda Zitzman, acoustic guitar and vocals; Rachel Solomon, keyboard and vocals; and Sarah Wilfong, fiddle. Mustang Sally regularly performs more than 200 dates each year across the globe.

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