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“Eye Candy” Dance Sweetening The Club Scene


NASHVILLE–The Curtis and Luckey single “Eye Candy” is proving to be as sweet for the feet as it is for radio. The award winning dance troup, the Chili Chicks, have choosen the song and created and distributed an instructional video to country dance clubs nationwide. The Chili Chicks, known as America’s Country Dance Team, are two time country dance world champions and Gold Medal Olympiads.

In a statement explaining why they chose this tune to create a dance, they said “Eye Candy is a song that makes you glad you listen to country music. With amazing harmonies, lyrics that paint a picture so clear you can see it, and a beat that’ll make you run to the dance floor. Curtis & Luckey have created a sexy, fun and upbeat tune. Eye Candy is that rare song that pulls you in and makes you feel like you’re partying with your best friend.”

“After only three weeks in country dance clubs, ‘Eye Candy” has really got dancers moving on the dance floor. From the large venues to mom and pop saloons, people are two steppin’ and tush pushin’ to “Eye Candy.” Many dance instructors have added the Chili Chicks’ custom line dance to their weekly
teaching schedule as well,” added Bobbe Morhiser, Manager of Venue Marketing at Marco Club Connection.

The single is also currently impacting radio as Curtis and Luckey, a KMG Music Group duo, are in the middle of a successful West Coast tour.

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About Curtis and Luckey

Brian Curtis lead vocalist and founder of the group, sought out Nashville after travelling around the world from his native California. After earning his degree in International Business from the University of California, Irvine, Brian ventured abroad and soon found himself singing lead for a country cover band in Japan while teaching English during the days. Japan was followed by a year in Italy – it was there that Brian began consistently songwriting, and signs started pointing toward Music City as his next stop. Brian packed up and officially made the move to Nashville. After arriving, he was quickly entrenched in the songwriting and demo session community.

Luckey was raised in Nashville and he has been surrounded by music his entire life. Honing his songwriting craft throughout his teenage years, Eric saw his first hold as a songwriter at 19 years old with a song titled Mad at the Ocean.. After studying guitar at MTSU, he left Nashville with guitar in tow and spent a couple years as a hunting guide in Colorado and commercial fisherman in Alabama, only to find his way back home. A few cover bands and hundreds of shows later, he met Brian. Their synchronicity in writing quickly led them to the stage. He has a strong and present bass / baritone range. During a performance you may see on electric or rhythm guitar, or singing harmonies, hitting a dual lead with Curtis.

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For More Information: Cathy Gurley 615-269-0474 or
Allison Bowen KMG Music Group 916-580-5046