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David Bradley Brings Attention To Flood Relief Effort


Gecko Music artist David Bradley has begun a campaign of his own to help the Red Cross of Middle Tennessee raise funds for Nashville’s flood victims. He has launched a “Red Alert” Red Cross campaign. Bradley now has a Red Cross button prominently displayed on all of his social media sites including his Facebook page, his website, and his Myspace page Plans are in place for a bulletin announcing the campaign and asking his fans and the fans of country music in general to help Nashville flood victims in this time of need. The bulletin will be issued to friends, street teams, fan club members and Twitter followers. Bradley hopes that country music lovers will “click” the button and make a donation or go a step further and actually put a “Red Alert” button up on their own respective sites, keeping the viral rescue and recovery train moving. The end game is helping Middle Tennesseans recover from the loss, devastation and displacement that received minimal national acknowledgement. Recent severe flooding has devastated, without prejudice, the lives of numerous Middle Tennesseans. Rather than participate in the abundance of fundraising concerts and local telethons that were scheduled as the music and local media community’s immediate response to the disaster, Bradley, by design, chose to wait and act when the rescue fervor began to diminish. He gave much thought and consideration to how he might make a difference before deciding upon the “Red Alert” Red Cross campaign.

The following note from Bradley will be posted on his sites:

“My sincere and heartfelt wishes go out to all across Middle Tennessee who have lost possessions, memories and loved ones in the recent floods.

When crises such as these hit so close to home and so strongly it’s often hard to know where to turn to help first. You feel surrounded by devastation and blessed to have escaped so lightly. Some have lost some, some have lost all, but everyone is feeling it. If you can help, in any way, I’d like to guide you to the Red Cross official donation unit by adding the Red Cross button to my sites. You can click and contribute safely and in the knowledge that whatever you can do to help will make it to the right people

Very close to my heart is the heart and soul of music city and that is the musicians who have lost some or all of their equipment. Possessions, yes. Replaceable, mostly. But this recent event has hit the men and women who give the city its musical and lyrical pulse. Those who live to make music and smiles and memories.

Please click and contribute and play your part in the Nashville recovery effort.

From music city,

Thank you,

David Bradley

Bradley’s new single “Soak It Up” is gaining the attention of country music lovers and radio stations across the nation. The song, which proclaims the virtues of summer, is featured on Bradley’s forthcoming CD MOVIN’ ON, produced by Brady Seals. Bradley, a staff songwriter with Wrensong Publishing in Nashville, co-wrote “Soak It Up” with Seals. He is currently a featured guest on tour with Seals for nearly twenty shows across the United States. A “Soak It Up” dance mix is being featured in clubs.

For additional information regarding David Bradley or the “Be In The Video” promotion, please contact Randy Guidry or Debbie Holley at HOLLEY GUIDRY, 615-460-9550. Randy Guidry cell: 615-491-5703 / email: Debbie Holley cell: 615-491-5702 / email: