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Club Mix of Randy Houser’s “Boots On” Released

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Marco Club Connection has released the Club Mix of Randy Houser’s “Boots On” to immediate and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

“Boots On” was Houser’s first #1 single, aided by a music video which featured popular YouTube footage of a toddler singing along to the song in his car seat.

The new version, remixed with dancers in mind, has caused great excitement among Club Connection’s 230 outlets. Brian Tankersely & Cliff Audretch III extended the power mix to over four minutes, causing DJ’s to move “Boots On” into heavy rotation again.

Below are early comments on the “Boots On” Club Mix from DJ’s and choreographers:

“Awesome remix! Crowd LOVES THIS” Bradley’s II Champaign, IL
“A homerun!” In Cahoots San Diego, CA
“It kicks ass. A great blend of the country & dance genres. I loved the original and it gets played at the clubs and radio here, so to amp it up like this is perfect.” Dance Hall in Plainville, CT & Sound Train Internet Radio
“This Mix Really Rocks” Loardo’s Nightclub Parkville, NY
“I LOVE THE ‘BOOTS ON’ REMIX… AWESOME”! Boots-N-Buckles Lakeland, FL

After only two weeks, several choreographers have submitted dances that work with the “Boots On” Club Mix. The demonstration and instructional videos can be found:

Line Dance Demonstration Video
Copenhagen Club Mix, Choreographed by Coral Tucker Boots On Club Mix by Randy Houser 36 Count Beginner/Intermediate Line Dance

Demonstration & Instructional Line Dance Video
Run To You, Choreographed by Patricia Flaherty
Boots On Club Mix by Randy Houser 32 count, 2 wall, beginner line dance

Step sheets for both dances can be found:
Marco Club Connection Website