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Andy Grammer Collaborates with Eli Young Band on “Honey, I’m Good.”

(Nashville, Tenn. – August 11, 2015) – After Andy Grammer’s success with his debut release, “Honey, I’m Good.” went No. 1 on Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart, the pop singer did something that not many artists have done before: he released a remix of the breakthrough song featuring country stars, Eli Young Band.

 The remix features a banjo and acoustic strums, creating a traditional country sound that blends Grammer’s unique pop sound with the crossover country sound of Eli Young Band. However, the single continues to possess the same upbeat sound that propelled it to number one on the Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart.

 The recognition of Eli Young Band’s name has allowed Grammer to break into the country music world, with the help of Marco Club Connection’s promotion of the remix and the original version to over 400 clubs and country music venues across the United States. Taste of Country even claims that Grammer’s breakthrough remix with Eli Young Band may even result in a performance at CMA Awards in November.

 Marco Club Connection clubs, DJs and Dance Instructors first received the single back in May, and the chart-topping hit become one of the most requested singles in clubs across the nation this year.