About Marco Club Connection

Currently, radio is the primary vehicle to market country music. In today’s rapidly evolving and increasingly fragmented media environment, record companies must look for other methods of marketing music. While it is important to maintain radio promotions, it is also important for an artist/ record label to look toward new ways of reaching an audience.  After the days of “Achy Breaky Heart” and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”, country dance halls and nightclubs have largely been ignored. This market is a valuable resource that can no longer be overlooked.

Through spin solicitation, music distribution, poster and print material distribution and display, and creative marketing, Club Connection, a division of Marco Promotions, will penetrate the country dance club market. This promotion strategy provides artists the ability to establish a larger audience and create product awareness, as well as, applying added pressure on radio to play the artist’s music.  This marketing venture will provide access to an expanded audience of core country listeners with expendable incomes.

Promotion and Marketing Packages

Our flexible Promotion and Marketing Packages include but are not limited to:

  • Marketing material distribution and promotion to clubs in the top 100 DMA Markets, top 100 Country Sound Scan Markets, and Texas markets
  • Marketing material distribution and promotion to clubs surrounding the Music Row, and R&R Indicator radio stations
  • Album Street Date Promotions
  • Single Introductory Promotions and email campaigns
  • Album/ artist awareness pages, banner ads, and co-op marketing opportunities through Marco Club Connection.com
  • Full service radio and club song promotion in partnership with Marco Promotions

Our services include one-on-one communication with our participating clubs to ensure quality promotions and accurate feedback. Through questionnaires, email and phone solicitation, Sound Scan research, and chart research, Club Connection can provide detailed progress and tracking reports to keep our clients up-to-date on the events surrounding their projects.

With an ever growing database of over 200 venues and world renowned dance instructors nationwide, Club Connection has the ability to reach over 200,000 club patrons per weekend. In our extensive 12 week marketing blitzes, we directly market music to over 2 million club goers. With four levels of club promotion ranging from product distribution to full fledged marketing and promotion campaigns, Club Connection has the resources to meet your needs.